The War on Peace

The War on Peace is a Chicago-based three piece that fuses pop, electronic, and dance elements into a vibrant, pulsing sonic landscape. Since the band's inception, the focus has been on bringing a consistent stream of digital sounds to the airwaves. With two full length releases behind them, they continue their collaborative efforts entering into new domains of prolific creation with their upcoming 6-song EP, "Automated People". Their process now translated in a high-energy and engaging live show, the three deliver sounds not soon forgotten.


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Highest fan concentration in IN, US

Fan Demographics

Top Demographics is Males (age 25-34)

Female Age Male
13-17   0.92%
18-24   8.82%
25-34   24.1%
35-44   10.87%
45-54   3.79%
55+   2.05%
n/a   0.0%

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2,520 total fans

988 from Facebook 158 from Twitter 97 from Youtube 66 from Reverbnation 1211 from Mailing List

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