The War on Peace is a Chicago-based three piece that fuses pop, electronic, and dance elements into a vibrant, pulsing sonic landscape. Since the band's inception, the focus has been on bringing a consistent stream of digital sounds to the airwaves. Their process, translated into a high-energy and engaging live show, delivers sounds and experiences not soon forgotten. 



With two full length releases on the books, they entered into new creative domains with their 6-song EP, "Automated People" in October 2017. The band describes the EP as a dichotomy between the intense highs and lows of self discovery and the retrospective acceptance of past decisions. Their music video for the single “Fear of Loss” debuted on Paste Magazine.

“The track dives into our subconscious, describing the moment when a person struggles through the fear and uncertainty of life while reminiscing on happier times.”  - Lucy Binetti, Paste Magazine 


They released their progressive, synth-laden track “High Rise Lies” in late 2017.  The dark, brooding synths drive the energy forward as the band branches out into new territory.

High Rise Lies throbs with pulsating rhythm, while the electro pop melody discharges profound harmonics. And the impassioned vocals cast tension across the sonic panorama. Don’t miss this one.” 

 - Randy Radic, Huffington Post




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